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The Facebook fan page also allows you to create your own blog community, which acts as a secondary community in which fans of the same niche can communicate and share their views and ideas on this blog and its publications. Thus, it will maintain the activity of the healthy visitor on your blog without staff involvement or effort.

8 - Create unlimited visitors rallies

Normally, a personal profile page on Facebook allows friends to be 5000 without violating the terms of use of Facebook for personal promotion. But on your Facebook fan page, the number of fans is not limited and you can also promote your business to obtain personal benefits of this growing circle of fan clubs.

9 - Easy Promotion Policy with the Facebook widget

Faced also provides a widget that is used to promote your blog there. This way, you do not need to inform each individual of your online presence because this widget is enough to promote your blog and your Facebook fan page within the vast Facebook community.

10- It's really cool to have its own fan page on Facebook

In this social networking era where everyone spends the circle of its online participation via the fan page of Facebook, why not you ? You should also take advantage of this fun opportunity. So try it today and have fun, it's really great to have a fan page on your blog on Facebook.

One of the biggest sites on the Internet is Facebook. It has over 400 million active users and serves hundreds of millions of pages every day. With an Alexa ranking of 2, it is an extremely popular site which represents a high percentage of Internet traffic. Facebook introduced the ability for marketers like you and me to advertise to their users. Very cleverly, they realized how they had an incredible asset with man